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A new month means a new start!

Challenge yourself, set new goals, and well yes maybe you will have screws up’s. Read my lines: Everyone does it!

The worst thing is letting it hunt you down and ruin your present moment. Start this month with a new fresh start, and if by chance you feel that one day is blue, you can start the next day again as if it is the new beginning.

I love this fresh start after having days where the only thing I want is to stay in bed and cry my eyes out until they are empty. What I have learned is that I will never be perfect, and do I have to be? The only thing that is able to hold me up in the darkest moments, is that I can see that the future is bright, and striving to be the best person that I can be. A better person for my self.

Peace, Love and Light!

Melodi i skrivende stund: Lost Frequencies – Reality
Foto: Shutterstock

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